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Sample of projects designed at the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (GSAPP)




Theology Seminary Design, 1989
Cast plaster of paris model; light study/perspective 


Theology Seminary Design, 1989
Cast plaster of paris model; urban context 



Theology Seminary Design, 1989
Ink drawing -section and underground floor plan


Housing Project Design, 1988
De-massing study -model



Housing Project Design, 1988
Townhouse as an interlocking double-line, model






Design for a Music School on a cliff edge, 1988
Model in cast plaster, metal and wood



Design for Photography Studios, 1988
Floor plan study -charcoal on paper



Design for two interlocking towers, 1987
Model in wood and metal

1990 Urban infill scheme for the falling Berlin Wall included a field trip to Berlin. 1989 French National Library. Bridge. Structural analysis of the Seagram building. Theology Seminary in Manhattan. 1988 Mass housing in Manhattan. Music school on Palisades cliffs. Photographers live/work building. 1987 various elemental studies.

Instructors of influence included : Steven Holl, Paola Iacucci, Michael Webb, Kevin Bone, William MacDonalds, Leonardo Zylberberg and Kenneth Frampton

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