Olafur Thordarson
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Olafur Thordarson: Delirium Tremens at the Nordic Cool exhibition
Kennedy Center, Washington DC, 2013, 8:00 min.


Olafur Thordarson: Hagræðinqar 2008, (1:00 min sampler)
Man/sea and the role of sculpture


Video by Joseph Chow, 1999: 11:00 min.
"Olafur Thordarson
: Furniture-Art 1989-1999"


Olafur Thordarson: Eilífðardraumurinn 2008, 2:49
Floating sculpture, Fljótsdalur, Iceland


Olafur Thordarson: Eilífðardraumurinn 2008 (On hold), 1:00 min segment
about the making of the sculpture project


Olafur Thordarson: Clocks for China, 1:20 min


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