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Collaboration with Gaetano Pesce:

For seven years, 1990-'97, Olafur Thordarson was a project architect, designer, artist and right hand to Italian architect and designer Gaetano Pesce. As vice-president of Pesce Ltd. in New York, Olafur was a collaborator on all phases of architectural, industrial, exhibition and furniture projects from design concepts to completed executions.

project highlights:

Abitare Magazine   facade detail   organic building

Project architect and designer. The 9 story office building totals 78,000 s.f. Extensive correspondence with the Japanese consulting architects via fax. Travel to Osaka site. The project involved exterior design work, lobby design along with various custom made interior furniture and fixtures for the lobby. Working drawings and material samples. The building is a reinforced concrete structure, clad with pre-cast lightweight concrete panels and fiberglass flower pots. Window frames in anodized aluminum. The facade is a vertical garden, with dozens of various types of plants. The building was declared an official city garden.


DOMUS Magazine   Poured resin flooring   Domus magazine article   Cast resin doors in DOMUS Magazine

Project architect and designer for this 2,000 s.f. Park Avenue Apartment. Involved with all design work and project coordination. Cabinetry designs to flooring concept to the design, mold design and casting of the translucent soft resin doors. Starting with a few cabinets, an extraordinary client and an unspecified deadline, the project grew into a design testing ground. It intrigued subsequent clients such as Jay Chiat of Chiat/Day and served as a model for Pesce projects that followed.


Cast resin doors  Clothing store views   ABITARE Magazine article   Staircase, poured resin floor

Project architect and designer. These Belgian stores for children's clothing were 6,000 s.f. and 2,000 s.f. Provided initial design concepts and strategies and was in charge of the architectural design teams in New York. Also oversaw the design-making of furniture and unique "Mother and Child" resin doors. Store logo and signage designs. Trip to Brussels site.


Abitare magazine article   Abitare magazine article   Concealed cabinetry walls
Project architect and designer. The 4,400 s.f. gallery explored a way of exhibiting smaller scale pieces, concealed within the gallery walls. Designed the first steel-reinforced 'Pesce' resin doors, molds and a flexible resin sink. Details for window display cases and more. Trip to Belgium site.


article   article   article
TBWA Chiat/Day, 1993-'96.
Project architect and designer. The virtual office was 50,000 s.f. on 37th and 38th floors in 180 Maiden Lane, a downtown Manhattan high rise. Doubling and remodeling of the much celebrated Chiat/Day office. Poured a resin staircase connecting the two floors and made extensive design work throughout the offices.


 Thordarson in front of Human Cabinet painting, at the Pompidou Center 1996     ID Magazine award article

Exhibit design for a 15,000 s.f. Pesce retrospective at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. Involved in most aspects of the work, including selection of pieces, display design and strategies. Some catalogue graphic design, and resin cover. Designed and made prototypes of resin invitation, belt buckle, and brooche as handouts at opening.  ID Magazine award 1997.


Domus Magazine   Domus Magazine

All initial design concepts for this collapsible chair. Provided the idea for this piece through a small wire and wood model, showing how one could in a new way collapse a chair into the shape of an umbrella. Drawings, color selection etc. Manufactured by Zerodisegno. ID Magazine award 1995.


Fish design: Moon lamp

Fish Design is one of a kind housewares -initially as a subsidiary of Pesce Ltd. Involved with designs, research and development. Made castings of the initial pre-"Amazon vase" prototypes in 1993, lamp designs, technical production solutions, company logo and more, including miscellaneous organizational structuring relating to the company.


Caffe Florian Cup and/or Vase (advertisement in Domus)

Created the prototype of a cup/vase from a Pesce sketch. Produced by Caffe Florian in Venice and distributed during the 1995 Venice Biennale, Italy. This object has become well known and later offered to new Domus magazine subscribers.

Y DESIGN, 1994.
Composed and cast ten individual trophies. Each hand made and cast in soft polychrome resin via lost wax method. These awards were given out by the Chrysler Corporation for excellence in design that same year.

List of project involvement, 1990-'97:


Aerosuisse garden, 1997

Pluralistic towers, Strasbourg/Rome, 1997

Office tower proposal, Brazil, 1997

Vertical Garden, Brazil, 1997

Oklahoma memorial, 1997

50 Triton Square, London, 1996-1997

Pesce residence, Brazil, 1996-

Binoche apartment, Paris 1996

W. W. II memorial, Washington DC, 1996

Arquitetura da luz, Brasil, 1996

TBWA Chiat/Day, New York, 1995-1996

Dujardin II, Belgium, 1995

Suares remodeling, New York, 1995

Dujardin I, Belgium, 1994

Chiat/Day, New York, 1993-1994

Vertical gardens, Paris, 1994

Private art gallery, Colorado, 1994

Mourman's residence, Holland 1994

Robbie Apartment, Belgium, 1993-1994

L'art des thes, restaurant, France, 1993

Gallery Mourmans, Belgium, 1992-1993

Portrait apartment, New York, 1991-1993

The Organic Building, Osaka, Japan, 1990-1993

Polyurethane house, 1992

Selestat cultural center, France, 1991

Italian Cultural Center, New York , 1991

Floating parking garage, Yokohama, Japan, 1991

Mourmans Apartment, Holland, 1990-1991


Italian Trade Commission; Tile exhibit, Jacob Javits Center, New York 1997

Andy Warhol, Guggenheim Soho, 1997(-98)

Is the future now? Material-Connexion, New York 1997

Currents 69, St. Louis Art Museum, 1997

New York-New York, Material Connexion, New York, 1997

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France 1996

Neotu, Paris, France, 1996

CIRVA Glass Exhibit, Marseilles, France 92

Moda Italia,Tokyo, Japan, 1992

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel 1991

Peter Joseph Gallery, New York, 1991

Gallery Ma, Tokyo, Japan, 1991

Wexner center exhibit, Ohio, 1991


Eiber shelf #2, 1997

Peter Gabriel shelf, 1996

European Tables, 1996

Eiber shelf #1 (prelim, 1996

Tables, TBWA office, 1996

Computer carrels, TBWA office, 1996

Telephone booths, TBWA office, 1996

Lounge chairs, TBWA office, 1996

Do you still love me? cabinet, 1994

Flexible Mirrors, Dujardin, 1994

Lounge chairs, Dujardin, 1994

Resin and steel tables, Dujardin, 1994

Wooden cabinetry, Dujardin, 1994

Metal shelving, Dujardin, 1994

Furniture design work, Chiat/day, 1994

Umbrella Chair, Zerodizegno, 1992-1994

Umbrella stand, New York, 1993-1994

543 Broadway shelf, New York, 1993

Pratt chair castings, New York, 1993

Children's shelf in clothing, 1993

Mona Lisa cabinet, New York, 1992-1996

Anne Frank cabinet, New York, 1992-1995

Seaweed chair, New York, 1992-1993

Tree lamp, New York, 1992

Foam table with mask, New York, 1991

Human shape cabinet, Portrait apt., 1993

Copper cabinet, Portrait apt., 1991

Suspended cabinet, incl. relief, Portrait apt., 1993

Sleeping man cabinet, Portrait apt., 1991

Bookcases/cabinets, Portrait apt., 1991

Human felt cabinet, New York, 1991

Front desk design, Organic building, 1992

Massada lamp, New York, 1991


FREE cigarettes, plastic objects, 1997

FIAT Automotive concepts, 1997

Flexible resin sink, 1997

Pirelli tires, 1997

Menorah light in resin, 1996

Resin doors, TBWA office, 1996

Resin staircase casting, TBWA office, 1996

Wall finishes, TBWA office, 1996

Caffee Florian cup/vase, Venice, Italy, 1995

Michelangelo picture frame, New York, 1995

Prototype resin vases, New York, 1994

Resin doors and doorhandles, Dujardin, 1994

Chrysler awards -resin trophies, 1994

Resin doors, Chiat/day, 1994

Fish design, New York, R&D, 1994-

Sound effect cups, 1994

Doors, misc items, Robbie Apt., 1993

Desk accessories for Peter Joseph, 1993

Picture frames, Portrait apt, 1993

Alvar Aalto models, Viipuri, 1993

Resin material testing, 1992-1996

Door handles and hardware, 1992-1996

Prototype first 'conical' resin vase, 1993

Resin doors, Portrait apt., 1991-1993

Door handles, Portrait apt., 1991-1993

Resin floor concept, Portrait apt., 1992

Resin sink, Gallery Mourmans, 1992-1993

Resin Doors, Gallery Mourmans, 1992-1993

Lualdi Doors, prototype designs, 1992-1993

Seaweed furniture for children, 1992

Vesuvio coffee maker, Italy, 1992

Chandelier, Musee de Lille, France, 1992

Shuman handbag designs, New York, 1992

Building directory, Organic Building, 1990-1993

Wall lamp, Organic Building, 1990-1993

Elevator button plate, Organic Building, 1990-1993

Door designs, Organic Building, 1990-1993

Flooring prototypes, Organic Building, 1990-1993


Resin extrusion concept

Resin flooring as one continuous painting

Crushed aluminum can panels

Polyurethane foam walls

Translucent resin bricks

Resin building concepts


C.G.Pompidou, catalogue, various layout proposals, 1995-1996

Fish design, logo, 1994

Dujardin, store logo and signage, 1994

Gallery Mourmans, logo, 1993

Moda Italia Exhibit, logo, 1992

Gallery MA, catalogue, 1991


Material Connexion, mural, 1997

Material Connexion, bracelet, 1997

C.G.Pompidou, invitation, 1995-1996

C.G.Pompidou, pin/brooch, 1995-1996

C.G.Pompidou, belt buckle/mask, 1995-1996

Suspended cabinet relief, 1993

Sun clock, 11' x 11' oil painting, 1991

Human cabinet, 11' x 4' oil painting, 1991

Moda Italia exhibit, color ink drawing, 1991

Tai sei, color ink drawing, 1991

Selestat, color ink drawings, 1991

Floating parking color ink drawings, 1991


Misc. Photos, Metropolis 5/1997

Anne Frank model, Le Temps des Question, p.33 1996

Material testing, Domus, p.80, 81 2/1995

Caffe Florian cup, Temporanea p.29 1995

Caffe Florian cup, Modo, p.41 7/1995

TBWA Chiat/Day, New York Times, COVER 10/29/1995



Incomplete list, compiled in 10/1997

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VESUVIO Coffee maker : Capital 3/94, Casa Amica 12/93, Domus 8/93, I.D. Magazine 7/94, I.D. Magazine 11/94, I.D. Magazine 7/95, Jardin des Modes 6/93, Modo 8/93, Chandeliers, Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, France : D'Architectures 6-7/97


Gaetano Pesce is an Italian architect and designer born in 1939, working out of New York City as the president/owner of Pesce, Ltd. Widely published and sought after speaker on issues relating to all design. His works are in the collections of major museums of the world and his architectural and industrial design work has had major influence on the design world. 


For more information regarding Gaetano Pesce, please visit his website at www.gaetanopesce.com or email info@gaetanopesce.com


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